Health, Wealth and Happiness Retreat in Mallorca


This is not just any old retreat. It is the marrying of business, your mindset and confidence combined with health and fitness. It is going to help you to be the most confident person you can be in order to be more successful, make more money and be happier in life. 

The Mastermind will help you to map out a clear plan for the next 12 months to cover your health, wealth and happiness. This means your business plan, your confidence, increasing your self belief and making sure you put your health and happiness on your list of priorities too. 

With mindset sessions, confidence building workshops, yoga and fitness sessions, along with the goal setting and planning Mastermind sessions to cover your Health, Wealth and Happiness you will leave feeling better connected with yourself, fitter, healthier, more confident and a plan of action for the year ahead to ensure you continue to cover all of these areas

This will help to change your life for the better and set you off on a path to success

It will be held at an exclusive 5* villa in Mallorca, surrounded by lush greenery. With bedrooms, bathrooms, gym and pool, you will have all the space you need to fully connect with yourself, and make friends for life

In  addition to my expert coaching skills to ensure you have a first class experience we will have an expert yoga instructor, fitness instructor and mediation leader

There will be a maximum of 6 people on this intimate retreat to ensure there is enough time for everyone. It will be intense yet fun, designed to make your stay as productive as possible. This will be the best thing you will do for your life

I’ve learnt so much from Rob Moore and Mark Homer on their Cayman Legacy Masterminds which I’m bringing to this. I know just what it will be worth to you. It’s Masterminding, it’s confidence building workshops, networking, mindset and Masterminding on your health, wealth AND happiness. The fitness is a really important part of it too as it’s the discipline there and looking after yourself which will help you with your business and your discipline and wealth building. It’s going to be a truly amazing experience for one and all.  We’re all about the connections and better together message here.


We will start and end the day right with daily yoga and fitness sessions, ensuring you are making the most of your time here


Example days: 

AM: Yoga. Breakfast. Mindset Session. Lunch. Meditation. 

PM: 1 Mastermind session. Dinner. Free evening. 

AM: Morning hike and meditation. Breakfast. Confidence building workshop. 

2 Mastermind Session. Lunch.  

PM: 3 Mastermind session. Group fitness. Group dinner out. 


 (Subject to change as we go through the week)



If you would like to be considered for a place for this life changing opportunity, please email to request an application form and we’ll get you sorted and ready for a life changing experience

Shine bright,

Natalie ⭐️