Make Your 2020 Amazing

Does your life have everything you need and want in it? 

Are you confident enough in yourself and your abilities? 

Are you working on your health?

Your wealth?

Your happiness?

If the answer to ANY of those questions is no, then it's time to readjust your thinking and shift your mindset

It's time for you to shine!! 

It wasn't that long ago that I too thought there was only one way to live, and it wasn't until I took a leap of faith with my Mum and business partner Paula Bailey that my eyes opened to bigger and better opportunities

Investing in ourselves changed things entirely

Through property we have changed our lives and our mindsets and from this, opportunity has been bringing more opportunity. Not only are we developing a 30 unit property development site, we also have multiple Serviced Accommodation units and I am a public speaker, podcast host (Confidence Mastery: Unlock Your Life) and a columnist in Alfie Best's Property Growth Magazine

I have been coaching people with the Gold Star Life method to be more confident and live better lives for nearly two years and now it's time for YOU to step up and take charge of your confidence and your wealth too

We are hosting a one day event where you will learn how to do this, how to put yourself on a new path to success with confidence

You will get to spend the full day with me and you will learn:

⭐️The skills to be your most confident self to be successful

⭐️The power of mindset and how to grow exponentially 

⭐️How to manage your jam packed diary to get more done and focus on the income generating tasks 

⭐️How to get rid of the monkey on your shoulder

⭐️The skills and systems to maximise your potential and become a confident entrepreneurial machine 

⭐️The 7 step system to unlock your life

⭐️How to create everlasting wealth AND keep it!


THURSday 16th April


Pavilion Hotel



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