Ready for more?

Are you struggling to move your business forward?

Are you holding back on the tasks you need to execute through fear of judgement?
Do you want more from life and better relationships?  
You’re in the right place!

This coaching programme will give you the communication skills you need to properly and effectively introduce yourself, to build relationships and your network and you’ll start doing the things you need to do to make your life and business work.

  If you’re not being productive and are all over the place with your time table, don’t worry, I’m here to fix that. By the end of the programme you’ll not only have achieved goals, but you’ll have new ones set and be a master at productivity.

As an entrepreneur you'll know that you need confidence in order to stand out, to push forward and to do the things you need to do in order to have a more successful business.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. There are many unknown factors when starting a new venture and it can be a lonely process too. 

Working with me, Your Confidence Coach will give you all the tools you need to have conviction in what you're doing, confidence in introducing yourself and your business and better communication skills to be able to build your connections and network - something every entrepreneur needs. Hold any room and also get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Never feel stuck or alone again. 

Outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens. 

Confidence goes across the board, and when you master it in one area, you can replicate it in others too.

But if you really want to take your life to the next level, so that you can be the best version of you, you need to jump on this amazing opportunity before it’s too late.

Your Life Unlocked

Module Seven - Master Your Wealth

Module Seven - Master Your Wealth

Module Seven - Master Your Wealth


Unlock your bank balance! Although wealth isn't just money - it's everything in your life. Health, wealth and happiness. You'll learn about management, control, and having an abundant mindset which will allow you to make more, so you can do more. 

The time is NOW!

Module Seven - Master Your Wealth

Module Seven - Master Your Wealth


Time waits for no man, it's time to Master your life! 

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 Goal setting Masterplan

What is life without a plan? Without a goal? With these Masterplans, which I have spent a long time honing, will change your life! With a goal, more effective use of time and a way to make sure there are enough hours in the day you'll be winging your way to a more confident you in no time!  
(£147 bought separately)

Session with counsellor

We all have some unresolved issues, this session, should you choose to take it, will help you to understand those issues and put them to bed so you can move on with your life and your health, wealth and happiness.

((£147 bought separately)

Audio program on self worth
This programme will rewire your brain to know your true worth, your value. It will get your mind in the right zone immediately. It will be there for you to listen to WHENEVER you need a 'pick me up' too.
(£247 bought separately)

8 week fitness plan
Health and fitness is key to a better life, it has SO many benefits. You'll have more energy, sleep better, look better, feel better and overall it will give you more confidence as you truly connect with yourself and your body. This is a plan that can be adapted for beginners to people who have been exercising forever. It's specifically designed to run hand in hand with this 6 week programme to maximise your results.
(£397 bought separately)
Bi-weekly Live Group Coaching
Any questions you have over the programme will of course be answered, but these live sessions (extra to the content sessions) will give you a chance to have your questions answered in real time, and we can really explore what you need solving too.
(£297 bought separately x 3 = £891) 

Three 1-2-1 Coaching Call

Get in depth with private 1-2-1 coaching to really go over your goals, dig deep and push past any limiting beliefs you have. Unlocking your mind! 

(£297 each, total value £891)

Online community and 24hr access
There's nothing like a community to give value and support. It's a safe space to be, to explore what you're going through and to have support from others too. You'll also have 24 hour access to me and anything you need, you can put in the group and you'll have a whole network of people to help you on your journey to the best version of you.
(Value - £2000) 

12 months ongoing support

Unlike when you finish other training programmes where you are left on your own, I don't let that happen! You get a full 12 months of support once the programme is finished, with weekly coaching videos, accountability, training and community. All of your questions answered with a private WhatsApp group you have personal and direct access to me to ensure you have everything you need to Unlock Your Life!

(Value - £5000)


Only £1923.56

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